Syllabus Quiz

Complete this quiz, print it and bring it to class with you signed.  You do not need to print the syllabus.  If anything in the syllabus is not clear, please write those questions down and bring them up when we go over this quiz.

1: Who are you?  What are you interested in?

2: What interests you about art?  What is art?

3: What is printmaking?  Why would an artist want to make multiples?

4: What are the steps in the creative problem solving process?

5: What does an artist's statement tell the viewer?

6: Name three kinds of resources available to you on the syllabus blog page?

7: What types of extra credit are available for this class?

8: What grade will you make if you merely complete the assignments?

9: What additional assignments are required for this class?

10: What is an artist's journal for and what are the format requirements?

11: What are the three criteria by which assignments will be graded?

12: How can you loose additional points on individual assignments.

13: How can you loose additional points on your grade for the semester.

14: When are assignments considered one day late?  

15: How late can you turn in an assignment?

16: What is the penalty for turning in late assignments?  

17: What is the attendance policy:  How many classes can you miss?  What happens after you miss three classes?

 18: How much is the instructor going to help you if you miss a demonstration?

19: When do you think you should you read over the assignment page and write down any questions that you might have so that you can bring those questions up in class when we go over the assignment and have a demonstration?

20: What do you think it takes to make an A in this course?

21:  I have read and understand the syllabus.  My name is:

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